Gifts from the Father: God’s Plan for His Children’s Happiness

The Illusion of Perfection
from Gifts from the Father: God’s Plan
for His Children’s Happiness 1999 adeleann

Lose your obsession with perfection my children. Cease now your passionate pursuit of it and need to attain it. If perfection in the sense man thinks of it were  your natural state, I would have endowed you with it.

It is only a phantasm of your own insecurity and lack of self love and at that, is based entirely on the false premise that any child of mine could ever possibly be less than whole, complete and perfect in every way.

Let go of the belief that if you work hard enough and become perfect enough, you would then be worthy of love. You are not only innately worthy of love, you are love. Any lack of love missing from your childhood was more about the condition of your parent’s worthiness issues than anything to do with you.

The inbred illusion of not being good enough just as you are, is an intergenerational misperception that is wasting many of your most productive years and should be deleted immediately. Feelings of pain and frustration are replacing the natural joy you were created to exist in.

Life is far too precious to be wasted on familial predilections for humility which self abasement has nothing to do with. Working obsessively accompanied by uncalled for self sacrifice has nothing whatever to do with the state of your soul or the expansion of your consciousness.

I have told you to be perfect, all one has to do is be inclusive, as am I, your Heavenly Father, rather than exclusive. Your heart must be gracious enough to include all my children, equally loved, accepted, and valued, and exclude no one.

Once you awaken to your source self and appreciate who you really are, you will know the meaning of unity consciousness, there being only one of us here manifesting in a myriad of aspects. United in the spirit of loving kindness and ineffable beneficence that is the Over Soul, there can be no separation in Eternal Divine Oneness.

There are no races or classes with souls I have not created uniquely magnificent unto themselves, and with that pedigree, how can you justify judging or rejecting any one in the family of man? Do you not realize you are he and he is you and there is no ‘other?’  What you do to another you do first to yourself because you are the other.

Perfection, thus having nothing to do with appearances, intellect, success, station in life, or making what you wrongly consider mistakes, must be redefined and then sought anew according to the expansion of your heart, the keenness of your soul’s awareness, the act of perceiving the world through soft eyes of gentle understanding, and the  wisdom born of the innate perfection of all humanity made in my Image.

Unlike your dedication to the world’s false standards of perfection, that are not necessary nor achievable, the actual perfection to be aspired to in scripture, is the simple surrender to your Authentic Soul Self whose very essence, like my own, is unconditional love, whose divine nature is merciful compassion, and whose divine purpose is the blessing of all whose paths cross your own, in actuality or subliminally through the spirit of tenderness you exude into the world.

“Be ye perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.”  Perfect meaning Inclusive in Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke in. You were born perfect children….you have only to relax into your Authentic Soul Self to realize you are naturally loving and inclusive.

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