Integrative Medical Therapies

Change Your Beliefs…Change Your Life
Excerpted from Life Is What You Make It article, 1998

Knowing that beliefs are the primary principle of causality operating in your life, you will want to examine the beliefs you have and handle the ones that are not contributing to your welfare. By learning belief management tools, you will be able to manage life, break repetitive patterns, accomplish behavior modification, and discover your real self, the self that is creating the beliefs that are making up the world you are experiencing as your life. You can use these techniques to take back control of your life, help you stop giving away your power, change your relationships, work experiences, money challenges, and mind body connections. You will begin to experience yourself as the true source of the events you are encountering.


In alignment with The Life Management Center’s commitment to assist clients to Take Control of Their Lives, Improve the Quality of their Experiences, Actualize Their Potential, and lead a Self-Fulfilled, Purpose Driven life, I offer multiple modalities and the most effective tools to Transform Your Life Available today. Healing in Consciousness® is Non-traumatic and Non-imprinting! The Healing In Consciousness article further explains the techniques and benefits of the therapy practices I employ.

My practice does not overlap psychiatric treatment nor do I treat clients with BPD, Bi-Polar, Clinical Depression or other chemically imbalanced conditions or psychopathic conditions. I am not a doctor of psychiatry or psychology and do not prescribe medications. I offer alternative therapy practices to accomplish the same goals and have had many clients who are in concurrent treatment or who are no longer in treatment. I advise all my clients to advise their doctors they are in alternative therapy on my Initial Client Intake Form before we begin work.

With these exclusions in mind, it is my belief that there is no reason anyone with the desire and the will to change their lives, their minds, the way they think, their perceptual reality, biases, dispositions and behaviors cannot do so with commitment, effective tools and a caring clinician. I am always the voice of reality framed in a positive perspective. I have witnessed too many radical transformations with the simple immediate protocols I use in addition to applying them to my and my family’s life for many many years to doubt that human beings are completely capable of change as often as they deem fit. It has been my lifelong conviction that a healthy life is about making necessary changes so that you may show up for your own life, be a model of decency and integrity for your family, and offer your unique gifts of service to others.

A whole person approach is used. Using advanced technology within the framework of Healing in Consciousness, the goals of Aligning their Multi-dimensional Minds and assisting in the full Integration of all Aspects of Personality with the Authentic Self, become viable goals. It no longer takes a life time to integrate the psyche. Man is essentially a soul with an eternal existence. Aligning the intentions of the soul with conscious and subconscious minds results in instant alignment of intention and instant manifestation.

I have created Restructuring Protocols which act like Mental Erasers that are easy, permanent, non-traumatic, and non-imprinting. These tools keep you Focused in the Present, acting on Conscious Intentions versus letting hidden agendas trigger repetitive life patterns. Implementation of the opposite polarity programs for those deleted fully integrates the restructuring process. Training in the use of Conscious Languaging empowers and encourages your efforts to have a joyful, harmonious life while you succeed at your goals.

The use of the Location, Deletion, Forgiveness, Releasement, Reframes, Personality, Identity, Dissociation, Regression, and Rescripting Protocols allows you to make conscious decisions in the moment rather than reverting to subconscious programs as reference points.

Using my Cognitive Deletion Protocols clears the conscious and subconscious mind of beliefs, thoughts, programs, words, identities, coping mechanisms, and somatic sensations that trigger automatically setting up negative self sabotaging experiences.

Use of the Emotional Deletion Protocols deletes the emotional impact of past and present life memories and traumas, including P.T.S.D. , thus preventing age or time regression back to the moment of the incident from re-traumatizing you again. This further facilitates your completion of the maturation and healing processes rather than being stuck in the regressed state. It also assists the Forgiveness and Releasement process to resolve relationship issues stemming from painful memories and associations.

The Behavior Deletion Protocol aids in stopping unconscious coping mechanisms, addictive behaviors, personality traits that do not serve self or others, and self sabotaging behaviors.

An Intention is set at the beginning of every session so that we stay entrained and aligned with the attainment of the intended goal of the session, the resolution of the presenting issue. Through the use of combined methodologies, my clients experience Spontaneous Healing and Resolution of their issues 99% of the time after a few sessions.

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