How MBBR Provides Immediate Healing

How Mind Body Behavioral Reprogramming
Provides Rapid Recovery
MBBR Instant Subconscious Reprogramming

Makes Change Easy, Successful and Permanent

Custom Designed Protocols for MBBR Therapy
Make Your Mind Work for You…Instead of Against You®
Delete the Causes and Stop Medicating the Symptoms!


Please answer only the questions relevant to you on the Client Intake Form I have emailed you. You may also wait until your Intake Session and we will discuss them together.  I do need page one filled out and signed and emailed back to me.

I will be using your answers and your languaging to Custom Design Protocols unique to your issues so we can eliminate the underlying causes in a smooth and coherent manner.

MBBR Instant Subconscious Reprogramming techniques are available only at The Life Management Center. There are many major reasons subconscious binaural reprogramming, talk therapy, and traditional hypnotherapy are long term treatments and frequently do not accomplish the goals they set out to. I developed MBBR Therapy and its highly effective protocols after many years as a Board Certified Ericksonian Trance Therapist and Regression Therapist and a licensed practitioner of many other therapeutic and consciousness modalities.

I want you to answer with the first thing that comes to mind without thinking about or analyzing your answer because that first response comes from the subconscious, not the analytical conscious mind that edits all the time to be safe or protect its façade.

Hidden family messages, covert implications, overt programming, modeling, biases, labeling, reactions, and traumas are still automatically triggering from the subconscious mind and are at the root of Habitual Unconscious Behaviors, Replaying Parent Tapes, and Repetitive Life Patterns. Intact intergenerational programming often undermines your attempts for a successful and happy life.

I do not use pre-scripted hypnosis tapes. Everything is Custom Designed to each client and each issue he presents. Using only your information that resonates with your mind as a guide during your sessions assists you in releasing programming that is blocking your healing, success, relationships, finances, happiness, health, and goal achievement.

We will be accessing the habitual subconscious mind, which is the Auto Pilot dictating the direction your life takes. As your hard drive, recording everything 24/7, it is thousands of times larger and more powerful than your conscious mind, will power, intentions, tenacity, or strength of character. It can effortlessly serve up your dreams and aspirations or prevent them from materializing.

It was pre-programmed for you before the age of reason and then you added your own personal vows. It is 75% negative.

It is the beliefs, conditioning, erroneous conclusions, personal vows, labeling, traumas, and left over emotional residues held in this dominant part of the mind which are creating and attracting the events, people, and body conditions you experience as your life.

If your life is perfect, just as it is, you can leave your current subconscious programming in place.

By giving the subconscious mind new definitions, beliefs, programs, and goals, you will find attainment in areas you were never able to achieve in before.

The stimuli to erratic actions, destructive habits, addictions, self-sabotaging behaviors, detrimental predispositions like defensiveness, hostility, cynicism, denial/projection, guilt, shame, and mistrust programmed during the imprint stage of development, are all areas that contain triggers specifically for your psyche that can be deleted according to what your issues are.  Without removing the causes of these destructive patterns, you will not be able to change the quality of your life and have the life of your dreams.

Once the negative programs in your area of challenge have been deleted and rescripted, you stop experiencing Repetitive Life Patterns, i.e., the same thing keep happening over and over and you keep asking “Why is this happening to me again?” It’s repeating because you still have a program for it.

Another major area of transforming your life into what you want to experience…instead of what you are experiencing, is what you believe about yourself. Until you change it, your self-concept is exactly what your parents and authority figures told you about yourself, often having little to do with who you really are.

Unworthiness, insecurity, and self-hatred are the number one issues handled by therapists because they’re at the root of unconscious self-sabotaging behaviors.

Subtle, varied, and often hidden from us, we undermine our own efforts with pessimistic attitudes, argue for our limitations, act irresponsibly, neglect responsibilities, forget things, and procrastinate until the opportunity has passed us by. This is not accidental or random behavior. On a subliminal level we’re unaware of, there is a long-standing reason that makes sense that was programmed into that part of our mind.

These major negative identities underlie every core issue you are suffering from. There is not an area of your life that is not dependent on and intermeshed with your undeservedness, lack of self-confidence, and poor self-image issues.

With the removal of demeaning family labels and disabling mythology assigned to you, and the non-constructive behaviors based on them, beliefs and feelings about your worthiness, competence, and self-esteem, now source from reframed affirmative positive identity definitions integrated into your unconscious mind during the rescript process.

You’re suddenly operating from an optimistic outlook instead of the prior pessimistic one which defeated you before you began. A healthy ego structure replaces the former unhealthy one and you start to enjoy life.

Defense mechanisms like destructive sub-personalities such as angry, fearful, guilty, envious, vengeful, procrastinator, unworthy, and self-loathing are the foundation of self-sabotage, loneliness, failure, and self-medicating. I’ve developed specific Negative Identity Deletion Protocols which I tailor to the identity you are operating your life through, and as, so you can show up for your life without these mechanisms stopping you.

This is also your opportunity to handle the traumatic emotions resulting from personal attacks like mental, emotional, physical, and sexual abuses, and domestic violence. MBBR stops the triggering and flashbacks, enabling you to deal with life effectively again.

The reactive PTSD emotions and behaviors like anger, aggression, shock, fear, guilt, self-hatred, revenge obsessions, resentments, and unforgiveness that have compounded these life altering events, are also dealt with by flattening these emotional responses so they stop firing.

Handling devastating experiences, instead of ignoring or repressing them, also results in a tighter bond between you and those close to you as a result of your coming to know and understand yourself and the effects of the event that happened to you, and releasing the entire gestalt fully. Your healing relieves your family from feeling helpless and allows everyone to remember how rewarding the love shared in a family is and focus on that instead of negative anticipatory events.

Your prospects of attracting and maintaining healthy supportive relationships with people who treat you gently, lovingly and with respect increase 100%. Clients have experienced their first success in this area and moved on to happy marriages. Everyone deserves to enjoy quality relationships that are the basis of a joyful meaningful life.

This is not as hard or impossible as it sounds thanks to Instant Subconscious Reprogramming. PTSD from any source can be treated without aversion therapy by using protocols that facilitate the deletion of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual pain and replaces them with insight, courage, releasement, forgiveness and esteem building, life supporting positive beliefs and frames of reference.

Remaining stuck in painful fear based memories of these kinds of events prevents you from moving on in life toward the self-fulfillment that is your destiny.

Erasing and replacing the damage done to your psyche also removes the belief that you don’t deserve to succeed and prosper. Deleting your fear factors ends your hyper-vigilance and you become open to creative and productive ideas and actions. Your newly programmed confident self-sustaining ego assures your business and financial success accelerate at the same time.

And lastly but equally importantly, once you’ve processed your own trauma, you stop passing down your dysfunction to your children. No matter how old your children are, when you make progress psychologically and emotionally, a door opens for your children to get unstuck and shed their old programming and become functional too. And critically, life patterns and traumatic events very often pass down in families. Children of abused parents often end up abused one way or another. By modeling healthy thought processes, and sharing your insights, you can stop the march toward repetition in your children’s lives. It’s like a waking reframe for them.

Another unique advantage of MBBR is that unlike Talk Therapy, Mind Body Behavioral Reprogramming is a Non-Intrusive, Non-Imprinting, Non-Traumatic process that leaves everyone feeling secure about themselves and their ability to handle life without doubt, guilt, shame, fear, defense mechanisms or self-medication.

A former, Oprah TV producer told me every time she left her psychiatrist’s office she was miserable from talking about her childhood again. When I told her she only had to tell me her story once with MBBR, and I would design her protocols to delete and rescript the issue and it would be gone, she immediately realized how much more quickly she could end her suffering.

Another client said one MBBR session is like ten years of talk therapy. I get many people who are seeing or have seen psychiatrists who get the immediate relief with MBBR they’ve never had, and a complete understanding of what’s going on in their lives and how to resolve it.

Instead of being unconscious 90% of the time, living out of your habitual subconscious mind, you can finally stay present in the moment and stop living in the past because you’re no longer re-imprinting and re-traumatizing yourself by repeating your story.

MBBR is so effective and immediate, I use it to restructure the emotional residues within Past and Current Life Regression sessions so before they return to the current life, their traumas have been handled and automatically stop manifesting and influencing this life. For couples and for illnesses, this can be life changing. 

Life is about change as the soul continues to evolve. Healing, functionality, and behavior modification result automatically once core issues are Erased and Replaced with positive life enhancing belief systems. Hope is restored to a body mind soul  that was ‘surviving’ and now is ‘thriving.’

Read the testimonies on site on the Menu at the top of the page to get an idea how easy it is to take control of your life for the first time and begin to live your own life, not your parent’s.

Willingness to do your personal work is the cosmic grease that allows everyone to Be the Person They Want to Be and Have the Life They Want to Have. Call anytime for a free 15 minute consultation, 480/220-2089.

excerpted from Transform Your Life Instantly, Make Your Mind Work for You…Instead of Against You, Adele Tartaglia, 2005, Books2changeYourLife Publishing.



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