Healing In Consciousness

Healing in Consciousness ®

from Transform Your Life Instantly, 2005, Adele Tartaglia

Healing In Consciousness is a trademarked term I coined to describe the mental state we process in. Self empowerment and harmonious alignment of the multi-leveled mind being the preferred goals, the more comfortable the client can remain while working toward this goal for himself, the more inclined he is to do his personal work which benefits not only self, but others in his world. Manipulating consciousness facilitates non traumatic, non imprinting therapeutic healing modalities. The results are accomplished easily and are permanent changes in the psyche. The protocols are an immediate yet gentle way to delete identities, belief systems, traumas, unresolved childhood issues, repetitive behaviors, recurring life patterns, and other unconscious programs that are blocking your efforts to create a happy productive life. The deletion of the material from the mind is instant, therefore the transformation is instant.

Examining and dealing with coping mechanisms in adulthood has huge rewards since they are responsible for a lot of dysfunction and maladaptive behavior. Handled in consciousness the desired results are accomplished with minimum upset and resistance to releasement. While some strategies are productive and aid functionality, others are not. They are left over defenses instituted by the ego to protect some perceived and felt threats to the individual’s homeostasis.  They assist the person in the moment of stress to get through the event and cope with triggered uncomfortable emotions due to their belief of impending danger or conflict. Some of them are modeled in the home and copied by the child and some are created by the child’s mind for self protection. The problem arises from the shift in viewpoint from helpless child to empowered adult when the old methods of managing circumstances, reducing stress, and solving problems, no longer work. What worked to defend the ego structure in childhood often confuses and sabotages our adult relationships, both with ourselves and with others. The need for defense mechanisms dissipates once the underlying causes and the unresolved issues are dealt with using a multiple step process. Coping strategies that contribute to a healthy lifestyle are left in tack or created in the stead of the deleterious defenses removed.

Healing In Consciousness is core level transformation that deals with the conversion of anxiety ridden beliefs about core issues into opportunities for growth and development. Diffusing the powerful negative emotions attached to the issues is a component of the process. This is accomplished by removing the underlying beliefs and thought patterns containing the subtle energies that manifested the issue in the first place. Secondarily or primarily, depending on which is up for healing in the moment, the emotional residues are forgiven (detached) and released and reframed.

Removing the foundational issues stops the triggering effect of subconscious conditioning so you are free to respond to life in the moment from the Intentions of the Conscious Mind instead of from automated unconscious programs.

Aligning the Subconscious Mind with the Conscious Mind is the end of suffering, guilt, anxiety, unworthiness and frustration. Protocols to accomplish this are employed sometimes during the Deletion Releasement Session and sometimes during the follow-up Cognitive Restructuring or Reframing Session. The direction is always toward positive psychology.

Once the multi-leveled consciousness is aligned so that there is congruity between the goals contained in all levels, manifestation is easy and immediate simply by setting your Intention and focusing your undivided attention upon it.

Cellular Biology assures us we are not pre-determined to experience the mental, emotional or physical genetic inheritance of our families.  With the coherent Intention of an aligned consciousness, new instructions are sent to the cells and therefore, the moment by moment encoding of the DNA reformats automatically and signals the brain to reformat the subtle energy in your mental and emotional consciousness. 

Mind, body, and spirit being one organism, everything that effects one part of the organism affects the totality.  When each area is coherently communicating and entangled, integrated Whole Person healing takes place without additional effort on the person’s part. Traditional definitions of psychological integration are not used in this new therapeutic model since our goal of returning to the Authentic Self is at variance of the traditional goal.

Essential Deep Seated Personality changes take effect in the most efficient way as total integration takes place automatically. No more lifelong struggles to assimilate parts of the psyche at variance with each other. No more fear of the “Shadow Self.”  No more condemnation of the ego structure which serves an essential purpose in the healthy individual.

With practice, the client comes to realize that they are working within their own Consciousness in their own energy field, and healing themselves by manipulating the waves and frequencies of which it consists. A cursory understanding of how the various levels of the mind operate motivates them to continue the work of deleting programs that are preventing their success, happiness and self fulfillment. Guided rehearsals and practice makes the process easier and magnifies their ability to take control of their lives by taking control of their mind which is the goal of all therapy.

Relationship, health, and financial challenges that are known to frequently have past life or parallel life origins can also be dealt with successfully with the advanced technology within the framework of Healing in Consciousness done during Regression Therapy. One session can bring release and transmutations of lifetimes of patterns, various categories of beliefs, and behaviors that lead to major mind body illnesses.  My clients experience Spontaneous Healing on a Regular Basis.

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