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Mental Emotional Behavioral Restructuring Therapy:
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Excerpted from Transform Your Life Instantly: Mental Erasers
Make the Law of Attraction Work for You Instead of Against You (c) 2005, 2010

Your life is a reflection of your beliefs, when you change those beliefs, your life changes automatically without any effort on your part. Belief management is life management.

Erase and Replace….beliefs, behaviors, traits, emotions, expectations, memories, traumas, coping mechanisms and identities that are sabotaging your life.

Based on my Integrative Medical Therapy practice and the diverse emotional and behavioral modification disciplines I use within it, I have developed a new approach to instant personal transformation, permanent healing, and integration of the mind body spirit system.

This new psychotherapeutic model is called Restructuring Therapy. Using integrative protocols and processes within the framework of Theta Healing in Consciousness, it facilitates the alignment of your multi-leveled consciousness with the desired right outcomes for your life as it returns you to your all empowered Authentic Soul Self before the programming. 

These advanced tools supersede the processes being used today in traditional therapy practices and in the Law of Attraction field. Talk Therapy, affirmations and vision boards, become the hard way to rewire the brain when you can install your goal matching program in your subconscious mind within the framework of one session and allow that level of consciousness to integrate and implement it for you.

For the first time there are protocols to recondition, reprogram, and reformat your mind in minutes instead of years or months. Erase and replace anything blocking your goal achievement and happiness.

Using these processes, we know everyone can change anything about themselves they want to. Everyone can be happy, successful, peaceful, loving, and intentional.

Restructuring and integrating all layers of the mind by deleting and reformatting  programs using profoundly moving yet simple processes has worked successfully for years. Core issues like unresolved parental conflict, relationship closure, unworthiness and lack consciousness disintegrate immediately so you leave the session a different person than when you began it.

This is highly effective treatment for depression, anxiety, fears, emotions, addictions, abuse, PTSD, personality disorders, pain, illness, and repetitive life patterns.

Dysfunctional behaviors and identities are defensive guises the psyche gets caught up in, forgetting that it is not these appearances but a unique Authentic Soul Self made in the Image of the Creator of the universe with a divine essence of love. It is difficult to allow the Creator who lives within you to act as and through you when you are stuck in a false identity.

Bad things don’t happen to good people… Bad programming does then we out picture in our lives those hidden beliefs and programs. Discovering and restructuring that programming and the emotions attached to it, changes your life on a fundamental level.

Unintentionally your family of origin and mass consciousness have programmed you to fail, be sick, dishonor yourself, suffer, be oppositional, afraid, dissatisfied, unfulfilled, self sabotaging, self hating, shame based, guilty, insecure, and unworthy.  All of these traits stand in the way of sharing your gifts with the world, feeling peaceful and purposeful and maintaining your connection to others through the Spirit that unites All That Is. 

Restructuring Protocols give you control of your life by giving you control of your mind through belief and emotional management, the underlying causality of your thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

You can’t keep thinking about and talking about one reality, and have another reality show up. The frequencies your mind is sending out from what you don’t want are blocking the frequencies your mind could be sending out to create what you do want. A negative consciousness creates a reality different from a positive consciousness.

It is the subconscious mind that is interfacing with the Law of Attraction so removing mental constructs that are creating your life of lack and limitation provides you with immediate prosperity and self empowerment.

By removing self sabotaging beliefs that create self sabotaging thoughts, you are removing the negative vibrations they are conveying to a universe waiting for directions about what you want to resonate into your life.

Once deleted, that vibrational frequency is no longer there to conflict with rewarding events you are consciously trying to manifest in the moment.

Since the human mind is both a transmitter and a receiver, the frequencies emanating from the mind, reverberate reciprocal events, persons, and circumstances in tune with those frequencies. Vibrations from pessimistic thought forms attract discouraging disempowering events and circumstances. Change the station your mind is tuned into and life affirming positive vibrations from optimistic thoughts such as confidence, wisdom, hope, and faith in divine right outcomes, return the highest vibrations and their creations back to the sending mind, and the life force of that mind…you. This is standard law of resonance knowledge.

But now there is an entirely new way to get to this place of synchronicity of aligned mind, aligned manifestation.

It is the contents of your unconscious, your data bank, that is the attracting resonating energy field, not your conscious mind goals. That makes it crucial that we clear the energy it is projecting in order to deliberately create our lives in alignment with our conscious mind intentions.

Among the many jobs of this habitual mind, is that of auto-pilot, that is, movement in the direction of attainment of set points, goals and destinations that were installed early in life.

Whatever settings embedded en-utero and during the imprint stage of childhood, whether by us or others, remain the objective of this goal driven part of the mind. It remains automatically heading toward actualizing these destinations in our lives until we change the direction of those default settings. Without restructuring the original set points, our lives continue to replicate our parent’s lives and mass consciousness priorities.

This hidden part of our mind is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind and is known to contain seventy-five percent negative beliefs, most of which are not even our own. So what is the potential for successful life experiences sourcing from a pessimistically programmed auto pilot…very slight if not impossible.

Restructuring the content of the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and spiritual mind and bringing them into alignment with each other creates a powerful attracting psychic resonance to draw the life of your dreams to you.

Living a life filled with random events, feeling out of control and at the mercy of fate or luck has been proven to have no benefit as a basis for existence, nor relevance as to causality. It takes careful examination to even determine whose beliefs sourced the event and it doesn’t matter anyway because you know intuitively what is right for you and reflects your mission and everyone else’s aspirations for you can be discarded as out of alignment with your own.

There is no living in the past, blaming or using our parents as excuses for who we are. You are the creator of your life as the extension of the Creator and the only question of importance is, are you going to continue to create out of subliminal programs or are you going to consciously create what you want your life to look like.

Now through what I call, Healing in Consciousness, induced with Theta brain waves, all states of consciousness can be accessed without any formal induction or deep trance state and the healing of error consciousness and false belief systems that underlie all of our mental and emotional states is performed without any blocking or resistance by the conscious mind.

Though denied by every other therapeutic modality, we do have mental, physical, and emotional erasers at last. We have a way to change the material and settings we were hitherto not even aware of.  The restructuring protocols facilitate the subconscious mind doing the work of reprogramming once we have deleted negative programs and altered their initial settings by installing restructured programs based on their opposite polarities.

Additional Rewards to Restructuring Therapy:

The entire restructuring process enables you to stay present in the moment so you can make deliberate considered choices and respond to life from conscious mind intentions rather than react automatically from unconsciously generated defense mechanisms.

After one session, the mind ceases the triggering effect and the age regression experienced during dramatic or threatening situations.

The processes releases resistance, doubts and fears which lock you into the current circumstance you are resisting, doubting and fearing.

Worrying or fearing anything manifests the logical outcomes of that concern, i.e. the continuation of the events you are focused on. Energy always creates the object of its attention.  As the dysfunctional persistent thought patterns continue to produce compulsive behaviors, they bring you more things to resist, more things to doubt, and more things to fear, ad infinitum until you run a delete creation protocol which stops the succession of experiences you’ve had a hundred times before

Restructuring therapy answers the question Why is this happening to me again, with the obvious conclusion, because you haven’t removed the beliefs and emotions creating the repetitive event and recycling it in perpetuity.

Restructuring Protocols
Cognitive, Emotional, Behavioral and Physical Protocols enable you to locate and delete instantly and permanently, sabotaging beliefs, programs, behaviors, emotions, memories, coping mechanisms, traumas, somatic symptoms, and psychic residue from the subconscious mind as well as the conscious mind.

The Authentic Self Recovery Protocol returns you to your Authentic Soul Self that knows, and knows it knows it is part of all that is, source being, and at the same time creating all that is. It’s not only your right, it’s your obligation to align yourself with your divine essence and live from your eternal expanded self. This process cleans up consciousness so you can return to your innate state of awareness, infinite wisdom, and divine intuition. Once identities that are unlike your Authentic self have been stripped away, your Authentic Self before the programming shows up by default.

The Identity Protocol enables you to be yourself; restructuring false identities which are often sophisticated defense mechanisms and facades the psyche acts through, in, and as without the knowledge or consent of the authentic self. Dismantling the beliefs that support an identity and keep it locked into creation, restores you to the real you hidden by identities and personalities and their automatic reactions to stimuli. Stop hiding from your “Shadow Self” and realize integrating those cast off parts is no longer a life long process. Those repressed aspects are no more you than the identities and personalities are you. Sabotaging identities that are antithetical to your real self are removed first, such as suffering, shame based, guilty, scapegoat/self blame, unworthy, resistant, and failure identities.

The Restructuring Mental Constructs Protocol replaces the deleted destructive constructs with their constructive polarities to bring congruity to all levels of the mind so that goals manifest automatically. Sometimes employed in this protocol, at the option of the client, is Centering Prayer, the Relaxation Response, Remembered Wellness, Creative Visualization, Stilling the Mind Calming the Body Mind System, Stillpoint Breathing, Time Line Therapy, Conscious Languaging, Neuro Linguistic Programming and the like.

The Forgiveness and Releasement Protocol allows you to live with integrity from grace and beneficence, which when applied to self and others, frees you psychologically and spiritually as well as the other person who is receiving your animosity subliminally. After breaking the bonds between you and the object of dissention, both souls are released to resume their own independent life paths as the source beings they are no longer caught up in the human illusion that they are separate entities.

Restructuring Protocols:

Cognitive Protocols
Emotional Protocols
Behavioral Protocols
Physical Protocols
Personality & Identity Protocols
PTSD Protocol
Forgiveness Releasement Protocol
Authentic Self Recovery Protocol
Restructuring Mental Constructs Protocol
Addiction Protocols:
Weight Loss Protocol
Smoking Protocol
Drinking Protocol
Drug Protocol
Parental Conflict Resolution Protocol
Relationship Closure Protocol
Dealing with Difficult Divorce Protocols
Denial Projection Protocol
Defense Mechanism Protocol
Coping Mechanism Protocol
Transparent Belief Protocol
Anxiety/Stress Protocol
Fear/Phobia Protocol
Guilt/Shame Protocol
Suffering Protocol
Unworthiness Protocol
Self Sabotaging Protocol
Pain Protocol
Anger Protocol
Life Transition Protocol
Child/Parent Dissociation Protocol
Adult/Parent Dissociation Protocol

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