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Adele Tartaglia, CPRT, MEBR, CHT, NLP, Psychology Today Therapist
Memorial Hermann Prevention & Recovery Center Therapist,
Developer MBBR: Instant Subconscious Reprogramming [Mind Body  Behavioral Restructuring]
Board Cert. Regression Therapist,
Board Cert.  Ericksonian Hypnotherapist
Author, Power Places Tours International Speaker
Transform Your Life Instantly Radio Show Host
Avatar Master Self Empowerment Facilitator
Alliance of Divine Love Interfaith Minister
Science of Spirituality Minister
Harvard Spirituality & Healing
Magna Cum Laude from Florida Atlantic University

My practice does not replace psychiatric treatment nor do I treat clients with BPD, Bi-Polar, Clinical Depression or other chemically imbalanced conditions or psychopathic conditions. I am not a doctor of psychiatry or psychology and do not prescribe medications. I offer Integrative Medical Therapies to accomplish the same goals and have had many clients who are in concurrent treatment or who are no longer in allopathic treatment. All clients are advised to tell their doctors they are in Integrative Therapy on my Initial Client Intake Form before we begin work.

Workshop Blurb:
A lifetime concentration in spirituality, theology, consciousness, psychology, and life management, Spiritual Practices and Integrative Therapies are the mainstay of my practice and books. I lecture worldwide and Facilitate Self Empowerment Workshops from my spiritual and self realization writing with a mission to assist in the recovery of the Authentic Self, and actualize the love that is your divine essence.  

Bio Credentials
BAEd Magna Cum Laude Education
Board Certified  Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, ABCH
Board Certified  Past Life Regression Therapist, IARRT
Neuro-Linguistic Time Line Therapist, ABNLP
Restructuring Regression Therapist

Family/Marriage Counseling:
Early Childhood Education, 45 hrs BA
American Psychological Ass: Parent Empowerment: Counseling Parents in Positive Child-Rearing Practices
American Psychological Ass: Explosive Anger: CBT & DBT Interventions
Jung: Love: The Fortunate Crime
Jung: Way of Being with Children
ABCH: Couples Counseling for Therapist
IARRT: Children’s Past Lives
Jung: Marriage & Divorce Archetypes
PLT: Receiving Love You Want
PLT: Childhood Traumas and Parental Dissociation
Jung: Amor and Psyche: Exploring Archetypal Images of Love
Jung: Integrating Jungian Theory and Child Development
Hendrix: Getting the Love You Want
ADL Ministerial Training: Family Counseling
IARRT: Heart to Heart Relationships
IARRT: Healing Relationships by Reliving Experiences
ABCH: Hypnotherapy with Children
ABCH: Birth, Pre, Peri-Natal Hypnotherapy
ABCH: The Art of Relationships
Jung: The Sensuality and Spirituality of Intimate Relationships I
Jung: The Sensuality and Spirituality of Intimate Relationships II

Continuing Education [Partial List]
American Psychological Assoc. Addiction & Behavior Modification
American Psychological Assoc. Explosive Anger: CBT & DBT Interventions
American Psychological Assoc. Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
American Psychological Assoc. Counseling Victims of Sexual Abuse
American Psychological Assoc. Personality Disorders
American Psychological Assoc. Psychological Dream Analysis
American Psychological Assoc. Emotional Manipulation
American Psychological Assoc. Understanding & Treatment Traumatized Children
American Psychological Assoc. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
American Psychological Assoc. Anxiety Disorders: Research Diagnosis Treatment
Harvard Medical School : Spirituality & Healing in Medicine
De Chardin: The Phenomenon of Man
Chopra: Healing Power of Spirit
Siegal: Prescriptions for Living
Siegal: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science
Siegal: As We Are Behind Body Image
Wisdom of the Ages
Pert: Molecules of Emotion: Link Between Body & Soul
Borysenko: Ways of the Mystic: Seven Paths to God
Zen Processing Techniques
Frontiers of Consciousness

Jungian Studies:
Carl G. Jung’s Analytical Psychology
Self & Other: Gazing Into the Enchanted Mirror
The Handiwork of Jung: Art, Active Imagination & Sandplay
Living a Symbolic, Creative Life with Meaning
The Call to Create
Modern Cosmology as Metaphor for the Nature of the Soul
East Vs West in Jungian Psychology and Buddhism
The Sensuality and Spirituality of Intimate Relationships I
The Sensuality and Spirituality of Intimate Relationships II
Dreampower: Everyday Reality & the Tao
Love: The Fortunate Crime
The Thunder of Insight Jung Dialogue Sessions
Mythic Stories to Live By: Finding Your Way Back Home
Amor and Psyche: Exploring Archetypal Images of Love
Nothing Is More Personal Than a Dream
Way of Being with Children
The Shadow Self Integration
Integrity & Character
Awakening to Integrity
Self Discovery: Through Meditation
The Language of the Unconscious in Dreams
Walking Through Forest with Archetypes Jungian Ways of Being With Children
Fundamentalisms: The Dark Side of the Religious Instinct
Marriage & Divorce Archetypes
Integrating Jungian Theory and Child Development

American Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy & International Assoc. Regression Research & Therapies
The Pain-Body Psychiatric Approach
Effective Regression Techniques with No Trauma
How We Can Use the Power of Altered States Consciousness
Unlocking Your Potential: Fears, Strengths, and Fantasies
Hypnosis and Teragram Therapy
The Personality Prescription
Integrating of Body and Soul
The Healing Power of the Soul
The Kabbalah Mysticism & Past Life
Intuitive Awakening of Mind Body Soul
Identification & Revision of Destructive Programs
Overcoming Grief: Understanding the Other Side
Revealing the Human Psyche
Spiritual Alchemy & Reversing Diseases
Remarkable Cases Demonstrating Power of Subconscious Mind
Psychosomatic Illness, Addiction & Past Life Experiences
Expansion of Consciousness in the New Millennium
Bioequilibrium: The Body’s Personal State
Spirituality & Psychiatry
Cooperative Healing Hypnotherapists & Doctors
Healing the Body & Soul Through Past Life Regression
Biology & Psychology of Feminine Life Cycle
Ways of the Mystic: Seven Paths to God
Spiritual Art of Compassion & Forgiveness
Connecting Present Life to Past Life
Restructuring Alignment
Role of Illness in the Growth of the Soul
Hypnotherapy & the Neuro-Physiological Aspects of Disease
Angelic Guidance: Healing Your Lifetimes
Dreams: Messages from the Soul
Integrational Healing: Alignment of the Spiritual Mental Emotional & Physical Bodies
Beliefs in the Unconscious Control of Lives
Impacting the Quantum Body for Optimal Health
To Infinity and Beyond Healing the Whole Person
The Healing Power of Forgiveness
Soul Dramas and Past Lives- An Integrated Process
Creating the Future While Healing the Past
Entering the Archetype
Healing Dissociative Identity Disorder With PLT

Complementary Licensed Therapies:
Licensed Course in Miracles Facilitator
Law of Attraction Practitioner Certification
Parallel Lives Therapy
Restructuring Therapy
Psycho-Astrology Life Influences & Projections Reports
Voyager Tarot – Your Own Hero’s Journey
Licensed Instructor Holotropic Still Point Breathing
Licensed Energy Field Work Practitioner
DNA Repatterning Healing in Consciousness
Breaking Past Life DNA Patterns
Chakra Toning & Balancing
Zwang: Palm Therapy: Rapid Programming
Energy Balancing Techniques
Emotional Freedom Techniques
Energy Balancing for Rapid and Powerful Change
Baldwin: Recovery of Soul’s Fragmentation
Baldwin: Entity Releasement

The Life Management Center
Integrative Medical Body Mind Spirit Therapy
Be the Person You Want to Be…..Have the Life You Want to Have!
The Counseling Division of Alliance of Divine Love, Inc. Chapel 573
 Worldwide Phone/Online/Onsite Sessions: 480/220-2089
 Online Sessions:    skype adeletar 

Tools 2 Change Your Life
Avatar Self Empowerment Course:
You are much deeper, much brighter, much broader, than any idea you could have of yourself.
Avatar Studies: Avatar Sections I,II,III, Masters Course,  Professional Course, Personal Integrity Course, Wizard’s Course

Transform Your Life Instantly Radio Show
Everyone Can Be Happy, Loved, Peaceful and Successful!

Make Your Mind Work For You Instead Of Against You
Gain Control of Your Life By Gaining Control of Your Mind
New Technologies Reformat Your Subconscious Mind Instantly!
Immediate Relief Is Possible! 480/220-2089

Life Is What You Make It Radio Show
Talk Radio: 2nd and 4th Saturdays. 12PM PST
Call in questions on How To Manage Your Life.
Check the Archives on my Show Page.
Adele Tartaglia, Bd. Cert. Therapist, Avatar Master

The Good Life News: Living In Spirit. Partner, Senior Staff Writer, Coumnist, Liaison New Thought Community.

Alliance of Divine Love Inc Chapel 573
Providing Pastoral Individual and Family Counseling for Adults and Children through The Life Management Center; Educational Workshops, Self Help & Spiritual Books through Books2ChangeYourLife,  Rev. Adele Tartaglia   480/220-2089

Ministerial Training:
Barry University: Theology credits: 24 hours
Ordained Alliance of Divine Love Inc. Minister
Unity School of Christianity Ministerial Courses
Ordained Science of Spirituality Minister
Noohra Foundation: George Lamsa Aramaic Sacred Scripture Studies
Harvard Medical School Spirituality & Healing

Non Profit Foundations
I appreciate your support of time, talent, or treasure for these Non Profit Foundations. All contributions are tax deductible.

Therapist for Veterans: Non-imprinting non-traumatic relief for PTSD
Restoring Dignity to Inmates: Establishing prisoners’ personal worth and teaching tools to change their lives
Bloom Where You Are Planted: A Child’s Outreach Program
Homes for Americans: Financial solutions to save America’s homes

Non Profit Ministries
Therapist for Veterans
Bloom Where You Are Planted: Teen Outreach

A & A Cottages Inc. Arizona Kids
Fraternities of St. Dominic Third Order Dominican
Florida State Off-Campus Housing:/Liazon House Mother
Project Head Start-Licensed Teacher Florida State

Non Profit Fundraisers
Park Avenue Jewelry [non-profit fundraiser]
Merchandise Liquidators [non-profit fundraiser]
Discount Vitamins & Supplements [non-profit fundraiser]

Books 2 Change Your Life Publishing [revising]
Forty years concentration in human consciousness, theology, and metaphysics, holistic and spiritual healing is the mainstay of my practice and books. Many of my older books are being re-edited and published as 2nd editions with the same ISBN numbers at this time.  English major: 36 credit hours non-degreed

Spiritual and Self Realization Books for Adults and Children
Books to advance your search for your authentic self, accept responsibility for your life, expand your consciousness, bless you with the peace you are, and actualize the love that is your divine essence.

Molly McGee Rhyming Adventure Books for Children
Rhyming Picture Books with colorful characters tell stories about familiar situations in young children’s lives teaching them the value and joy of cooperative loving interactions and generosity.  Children enjoy reciting the fun language and snappy meter as well as hearing them read aloud assisting subliminal integration of the message.

Product Lines: CD’s, Toy lines, Motivational /Inspirational Learning Tools, and Board Games supplement the books.

Writing Experience: 36hrs English  Barry, FAU
Bloom Where You Are Planted Children’s Books
Senior Staff Writer 48 pg holistic newspaper The Good Life News
Editor/Creator: McMillan Financial Journal, Editor Four Inhouse Magazines, Editor Coral Ridge Publishing, Ghost Writer Self Help Books, Author Personnel Training Manual David Wood Personnel,  Author McMillan Financial Services Mutual Fund Training Manual, Holistic Newspaper Columnist

Speaker / Workshop Facilitator
Power Places Tours International Speaker
Make Your Mind Work for You…Instead of Against You
Life Is What You Make It Radio Show Host –
Professional Organizations Speaker – IARRT, et al
Unity Church Women’s Retreat Facilitator
Unity Church Events: Transformational Technologies, Hinduism, Life Management, Art of Instant Manifestation, etc.
Course In Miracles Retreats
Transform Your Life Instantly Facilitator
Avatar Self Empowerment
Borders Book Stores Metaphysical Thursdays
New Thought Churches Workshops
Peace Meditation Facilitator

Phoenix Reincarnation Meetup Facilitator
Adele Tartaglia, Bd Cert. Past Life Regression Therapist
Meet people interested in Reincarnation and the eternal life of the soul. Share
past and parallel lives and how they affect your current life experiences.
Multi-levels of your own consciousness are creating every aspect of your
soul’s journey. Past Life Traumas, Beliefs and Programs Are Today’s Life
Patterns, Addictions, and Illnesses

Business Credentials
Realtor Million Dollar Club
CFP – International Association of Financial Planners
Owner and CEO:
Multi-million dollar businesses
National Premiums
Timeshare Marketing
Hawaiian Adventures
Books 2 Change Your Life Publishing
Avatar on the Lake
The Life Management Center
Alliance of Divine Love Chapel 573
Production Unlimited Advertising Agency
Editor Publisher McMillian Financial Journal
Marketing & Sales Promotion Mgr. McMillan Insurance Conglomerate
Marketing & Sale Promotion Mgr. Super Foods
Marketing & Sales Promotion Mgr. Affiliated Foods

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