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Hypnotherapy Benefits

The Benefits of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis has been recognized as a valid therapeutic modality by the American Medical Association since 1958.  Harvard Medical school has made it a requisite for a medical doctoral degree, MD, to become proficient in hypnosis which has become recognized as a viable tool to speed up the healing process.

Here are a few interesting facts about Hypnosis:
Hypnotherapy is the oldest of all healing techniques.
In 1955 the British Medical Association endorsed the practice of hypnosis in medical school education.

Hypnotherapy is a state of heightened suggestibility. We are all influenced by suggestions. Hypnotherapy uses this natural human process to change negative patterns into positive patterns of behavior.  There is nothing mysterious about hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy has long been recognized as a safe non-intrusive and effective way to treat a variety of issues: repetitive life patterns, unwanted behaviors, addictions like smoking, drinking, eating disorders, anger, and cheating, disease, pain, PTSD, unresolved childhood issues, abuse traumas, depression, anxiety, and psychic wounds.

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy is found in the nature of the trance state itself.  Entering into an altered state puts aside the critical faculty of the conscious mind and its continual nagging, blocks, judgments, doubts, and suspicions in order to reach the subconscious mind, which is the part of the mind operating our lives on an unconscious level. 

The triggers to random, erratic, compulsive and impulsive behaviors, defensiveness, anger, and pain will be removed and replaced with supportive, ego enhancing, success producing beliefs. With the removal of the old false beliefs and behavior patterns, feelings about self worth automatically come from the new positive programs instead of the prior dysfunctional ones. The same is true for strivings and aspirations which manifest through the magic of intentionality once the hindrances have been deleted.

There is no effort involved in change with hypnotherapy since the subconscious does the work for you once it is reprogrammed with positive life supporting beliefs. There is no necessity for affirmations. Change becomes easy and immediate. Suggestions to follow up the session with healthy conscious languaging is very helpful for your conversion process and will cause the spontaneous changes in your attitude you are looking for…attitude being a major determinant of the quality of your life.

As mentioned previously, during hypnotherapy we focus on accessing the subconscious mind, which is the auto navigator of your life. Contained within this storage unit are all the collective memories, emotions, sensory data, beliefs, and conclusions drawn from past and simultaneous lives as well as this life. It is your soul’s Book of Life.

Beliefs and goals held in this dominant part of the mind, the subconscious, are a major contributing factor in the creation and attraction of the events, patterns, people, and body conditions you experience as your life. By giving the subconscious mind new directions, new beliefs and new goals toward which to move, you will experience success in areas you were never able to achieve in before.

A common erroneous belief is that when someone is in an altered state, the therapist can manipulate them and their mind into doing and thinking whatever the therapist wants them to. This is simply not true. Nothing is ever suggested that the client has not prescribed themselves during the intake and counseling sessions. The patient remains in complete control at all times and in fact hears on various levels of consciousness everything the therapist says and can intercede and end the session if they so desire.

Among the prime directives of the unconscious mind is to preserve the body by running the autonomic nervous system which makes it perfect as a vehicle to heal physical symptoms and disease.

A second faculty of the unconscious acting as your auto pilot, is to drive the mind/body organism toward the accomplishment of the goals stored in it as programs, vows, and objectives. It is like a servant at your beck and call which will follow orders whether installed in childhood or in adulthood. In fact, it even fulfills resolves, objectives and commitments from all lifetimes.

It works with symbols which are most readily interpretable within the framework of your own experiential data. The personal history you have
access to in the altered state is on a much broader scale than when awake trying to remember your life story.

I use a written intake form and the interview process as a guide prior to your session. You are the determining factor and tell me what you want to accomplish. We will set the intention for the session together, and work toward it together. The more information you give me in the interview, the more information I can give you to reprogram yourself with during the session.

During your sessions, deletions, forgiveness, rescripting and reprogramming of the subconscious mind to assist you in releasing imprints and tapes that are not working for you, beliefs that are blocking happiness, peace and fulfillment, confusions and inconsistencies, abandonment, anger, pain, identity confusion, and boundary issues.   

Using a transparent belief exercise and by answering with the first thing that comes to mind without thinking about or analyzing your answer, the subconscious can often be tricked into revealing all manner of operating beliefs unknown to the cognitive mind. These are the hidden beliefs that filter sensory input and form the perceptual reality the person believes to be real.

Many hidden family messages, socialization agendas, mass conscious biases, covert implications, and even overt messages are on automatic create in the subconscious and are at the root of repetitive behaviors and life patterns including compulsive and addictive behaviors.

In addition, the intergenerational programming and DNA encoding that is still there is often self-sabotaging, demeaning, and self-defeating. Clinical Hypnotherapy is one way of deleting these programs that do not serve you.

Your mind/body system will respond to commands from your subconscious mind much like a computer responds to the commands of a programmer. You may think of your subconscious as your hard drive…recording everything but not making any decisions about appropriateness or validity of content. It is entirely without discernment or judgment therefore it is imperative to examine the beliefs and goals contain therein and weed out the destructive ones as well as implant productive ones. 

The inconsistencies between the old programming in the subconscious mind and the new programming in the conscious mind creates an out of sync, in conflict with state, between the two layers of consciousness. This makes all the difference in your success or failure in achieving your goals and maintaining a balanced life. Once the unconscious mind’s beliefs and goals are brought into congruity with the conscious mind’s beliefs and goals, success is automatic. This is my therapeutic goal, to set up a harmonic resonance between the two so that they work cooperatively together rather than blocking each other.

Post hypnotic suggestions and a mantra to be reinforced by you at optimum times will assure that you complete the integration process of the work done during hypnosis. Having resolved the unresolved issues presented prior to therapy, belief and behavior modification will result automatically once these items are addressed and dealt with within the session. 

Forgiveness and releasement is essential to good mental and spiritual health and through hypnotherapy these two processes are accomplished without resistance and to a much fuller extent than when attempted by the judgmental mind in a conscious state. Reframing past injuries from the maturity of the adult mind and viewing the event through a spiritually larger perspective does much to alleviate the anger and pain associated with the original incident. I have developed a very effective Forgiveness and Releasement Process using both these factors of reframing that is healing and soul enriching.

Another common problem is unconscious modeling and/or assigned family mythologies that are being acted out by a person disallowing them to be themselves. I have created a Disassociation Process which frees up the psyche by reminding the soul of its own uniqueness and purposefulness that is entirely separate from the parent or the identity being acted through. This is particularly effective with children manifesting the mental or body symptomlogy of a parent through over identification.

Loss of the Authentic Self and the mystification process are also addressed as well as the soul’s adaptive pathologies.

Hypnotherapy is also effective in removing conflicting unconscious blocks to goal fulfillment. Many negative beliefs about self, money, and success are hidden programs in the subconscious which is the realm of hypnotherapy. The process leaves the person feeling secure about themselves, focused on their goals with the tools needed to be successful.

Relationship issues are prime candidate for the hypnotherapeutic and regression tools. Removing and rescripting beliefs about the opposite sex, self, relationships, marriage, and love are all important to establishing and maintaining interpersonal interactions with others. Coordinating new positive beliefs in these major areas can be integrated more expediently through trance states.

Locating factors in insecurities, fears, and phobias can be handled often in one hypnotherapeutic regression session by realizing their cause and deleting it permanently. Post session, a person’s belief in their ability to handle life situations increases a hundred fold.

I have been using hypnotherapy in anger management. A through discussion can be found under the Anger Management section of the site. Please read it. In the hypnotic state, releasement of the pain and suffering involved in abusive early years can be accomplished without re-traumatization and re-imprinting which is crucial to recovery. Having discussed the merits of forgiveness prior to the session, once in session without the judgmental conscious mind operating, releasement of bad feelings is a much easier and deeper process. Forgiveness is a loosening of the negative ties we have to the abuser. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself not the other.

I have had great success through hypnotic suggestion in implementing boundaries and peaceful reconciliation with angry parents and spouses by angry children and mates once the client regains self esteem and speaks his mind in a calm, rational and non- threatening manner through the use of post hypnotic suggestions.

Restructuring perspective and beliefs is essential if you are to stop the anger from triggering you into explosive outbursts. Dealing with the anger itself involves deleting both it and the traumatic and frightening events from memory which is done in the hypnotherapy session.

Learning new ways to handle frustration can be scripts in the form of post hypnotic suggestions that will make the redefining of your personality much smoother and easier. In this very important and difficult area of anger management and impulse control that affects body, mind, emotions, and soul, use of clinical hypnotherapy is of tremendous assistance.

This is your opportunity to clean up any old hurts, esteem issues, negative conditioning and interrupt the intergenerational patterns that result in compulsivity and addictions. Without this kind of personal work, it is difficult to enjoy a happy and prosperous life with your loved ones unless you are among the blessed to have had a fairly functional childhood.

The process results in a tighter bond between you and those you love as a result of your gaining insight into your motivations, coming to terms with old issues, understanding yourself, and better appreciating your gifts and talents. Everyone wins when a person rectifies programming that is hindering their progress in life, particularly their emotional and soul evolvement progress.

Modern therapist are calling hypnotherapy a type of prayer in the respect that all your thoughts are prayers sent out into the universe to manifest in a more direct way once the cognitive faculties are set aside. Similar to the prayerful state, the quiet Alpha state induced in clinical hypnotherapy allows the higher self to come forward and perform the miracles the conscious mind is seeking.2

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