Goals for Self Empowerment


from Make Your Mind Work for You….
Instead of Against You!(c) 2005
Adele Ann Tartaglia

My practice, books, and Make Your Mind Work for You Workshops are focused on assisting you to take control of your mind and your emotions so you can regain some control over your life. It’s about becoming the inherently self-empowered individual you were created to be.

Here are the goals of this personal empowerment available to everyone  by using Restructuring Therapy.

– To Return to Their Authentic Soul Selves –

– To Fulfill Their Life Purpose –

– To Actualize Their Potential –

– Accept Responsibly for Their Thoughts, Words and Deeds –

– Abiding Awareness That Some Level of Consciousness Is Creating It All – 

– Realization that They Can Stop Creating It Whenever They Want To –

– To Handle Life Challenges as Opportunities –

– To Develop Self Worth and Self Esteem –

– To Finish With the Unresolved Issues of Childhood –

– To Stop Repetitive Behaviors and Life Patterns –

– To Create Intentionally Rather Than from Default Settings –

– To Shift from Disempowering Speech to Conscious Languaging –

– To Commit to Behaving Intentionally Rather Than Replaying Parent Tapes –

– To Live in the Moment Instead of Triggering Back to the Past – 

-To Stop Reacting and Start Responding to Life –

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