Life Reflects Your Beliefs

Unity Women’s Retreat 1998

BELIEFS:  The Energy Creating Your Life
Life Is A Reflection of Your Beliefs
Change Your Beliefs….Change Your Life!

Your beliefs, whether conscious or unconscious, are creating the reality you experience as your life. Thoughts are energy forms, which create after themselves in like kind, i.e., The Law of Mind Action, and your thoughts are based on your beliefs. Your feelings are based on your thoughts and beliefs, and all together they produce your words and actions. What we know from research is that our experiences are created and triggered by memories and expectations unless we take deliberate control of our minds which gives us control of our lives. And that is the goal of a happy productive life of purpose.

It makes no difference if your beliefs were deliberately chosen by you, genetically inherited, adopted from modeling you saw, formed in resistance to family patterns you wanted to avoid, or indoctrinated into your consciousness. They are there, in both subconscious and conscious mind and they are creating and attracting the events, circumstances and people you encounter everyday. They do this most of the time without our knowledge or direction as most of our beliefs, programs, coping mechanisms, and behaviors are stored in the subconscious mind and trigger automatically without our direction.

It is the subconscious mind that is attracting things to us not the goals of the conscious mind unless we have learned the art of manifesting, creating exactly what we want and deleting from consciousness anything that would block that goal.

Your beliefs form your point of view about life and the world around you. They prejudice you either in favor of, or against, everything you perceive. They constitute the vantage point from which you internalize external events into your psyche.

They constitute the background material, the stuff of life either you assumed and concluded as a child, came down intergenerationally, mass conscious beliefs from socialization, or precepts from other life experiences that produce filters through which all of life’s parade is marching through on its way into your mind.

They color your perceptions to the point that you will experience things according to the judgements, labels, and filters you assign to them without even realizing it.

They form the criterion upon which you base your interpretations of all of life thereby giving you a predisposed, rather than an objective standard to live from.  To change your viewpoint, you must change the underlying beliefs which it consists of and relies on.

If you choose to stay locked into the paradigm you have chosen for yourself or that was programmed into you, you will have fixed rigid opinions throughout your life. You will experience in life only what is allowable within the fixed parameters of that viewpoint. To be locked in guidelines and limitations is to be equally and simultaneously locked out of other beliefs that might offer you different experiences.

You will block many of life’s exciting adventures, fascinating people and interesting places. A fixed, closed-minded attitude toward life develops tunnel vision.

By locking yourself into a limited outlook, particularly one that you did not consciously chose yourself which is usually the case, you limit your ability to perceive new information, attitudes, and experiences. If you’re already locked into a position, you will not even be looking for, nor will you be open and receptive to, different ways of thinking which could lead to new attitudes and realizations. This phenomenological closure approach to life prevents the growth and development of all you were meant to be. You and your life will be on hold, more or less stagnant in the greatest era of growth and development based on the greatest availability of information and knowledge every known to man via the internet.

You will continue to attract the same kinds of experiences and opportunities or lack thereof, as you always have. In order to arrange for a new order of experiences, you must arrange your mind in a new order. You will also continue to attract the same type of people in to your life which will give you the same type of relationships with the same type of issues. 

By learning to change or shift your viewpoint, your entire perceptual reality shifts; problems often appear to become opportunities.

If you alter your viewpoint it changes how you experience yourself and others. It changes how others experience and think of you. Your events will automatically change in alignment with your altered viewpoint. It changes the basis of all your future decisions. With this intellectual change, comes an experiential change.

Because your beliefs cause your thoughts and your thoughts cause your feelings, you will feel differently about things as soon as you start thinking differently about things.

Shifts in consciousness can bring about immediate relief of stress and anxiety, restoration and expansion of attention and energy, enjoyment of life, and the resurrection or creation of self-respect. 

Life Is What You Make It, What You Make It…Is What You Are…and You Are What You Believe You Are….and You Can Change That Belief Anytime. 1998 ©  Adele Tartaglia 



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