Prenatal Regression Benefits

The Benefits of Regression to Prenatal and Birth Experiences

Each individual experiences a plethora of emotional and physical events in his multiple lifetimes. The patterns that he is to work on in a current life make their initial imprint during the prenatal period and during birth. Scanning such patterns before they become covered with later adaptations facilitates their transformation. Uterine and birth experiences are clear-cut revelations of patterns that will show up later in life. It is here that we find the soul’s patterns that must be transformed on some level, not just in past lives but also in prenatal and birth experiences or in early childhood experiences.

Because the prenatal and birth states lie between past lives and current childhood, entry into them can be made from either direction – from childhood backward or from past lives forward.  The continuous spectrum of experience is deepened as it is moved in either direction to expose additional levels of the patterns.  A person unearths troubling childhood recollections and then moves backward into prenatal exploration to find the earlier, often more starkly clear expression of the same pattern, and extends that to past lives to see where the patterns originated.

If a person hesitates to access these memories because of a belief that they cannot do so, they can be asked to make up a story. As in all forms of regression work, whether what is remembered is true remains unimportant as long as the energy field carrying the patterns is tapped and transformation and healing take place.

The use of feeling states to expand and deepen memories is used rather than the cognitive approach. Transformational techniques range from simple recall to re-scripting and reframing with the help of the higher self, the multi level mind, and a professional therapist. As a therapist I personally do not subscribe to the theory that a person has to repeat and fully live through the traumatic experience on an emotional level in order to discharge the trauma. I have had great success with spontaneous remission of symptoms by removing from consciousness on the cellular level the disturbing event, erroneous conclusions, and the emotional attachments related to the event. The process is simple, direct, and non-traumatic and non-imprinting. So strong is my belief in this process that I wrote my doctoral thesis on it and presented it to a room of psychiatrist who, much to my surprise, were interested in the new protocols used to accomplish this new type of regression therapy. A completion of the episode with rescripting, reframing, garnering of important insights, comparisons with current life patterns and beliefs, forgiveness, understanding and releasement finishes the patterns for the client permanently. This totally stops the repetitive life pattern cycle.

Once unproductive patterns have been dissolved, replacement of the belief through cognitive reframing opens the way for the creation of positive life supporting ones.

Freud’s supposition that everyone is longing to return to the ocean of bliss, comfort, and security of the womb does not hold water in light of the results of regression therapy.  Patterns of distress that are later to emerge in childhood that had been initialed in former lifetimes begin in the womb, thus making it a less than desirable environment in some cases. Early statements of rejection, trauma, fears,  and difficult lessons invite therapeutic exploration and transformation begining in mother’s womb.

These scripts of anxiety and violence may be stamped into the personality of the fetus at any point during the nine months of gestation or while the child is being born. The birth process itself often is a symbolic re-enactment of the past life death or malevolence. They may have many sources and leave deep gouges in the psyche.  Unborn babies sense clearly whether they are wanted or not, whether their sex is acceptable. Those who experience uncompleted abortion attempts go through violent emotional upset. For this reason, regardless if the person feels that they are reconciled with the abortion attempt or completion, it is a good idea to go back and reframe, release, and do self forgiveness and psychic connection therapy while in the trance state about this subject.

As we move into an understanding that the fetus is influenced by the thoughts and feelings of the mother, and often takes them to be its own, we are confronted by the implication that the mother must take responsibility for what she thinks and feels during her pregnancy. Until recently, this theory remained unknown in our country where regression therapy is young.  Thus many baby-boomers are marked with compulsive competitiveness, insecurity, worthiness and abandonment issues, perfectionism, workaholism, and addictions to name a few complexes of the post war child.

Observance of this important task is an additional burden on the mother during an already stressful time. However, with a change in attitudes about this responsibility, the stress can be removed and the burden can be seen as an opportunity to begin lovingly cherishing and nurturing their child as evidenced in the healthy minded grandchildren of the baby-boomers. Cleaning up your own un-dealt with issues is the finest gift you can give the new soul that is your child who chose you in particular to mother them.

When you were planning this lifetime in-between lives, by yourself or with your guides who may have helped you make choices, did you decide you were eager to come into this lifetime or did they urge you to incarnate again when you were not sure you wanted to?  What did you say to each other as you decided about the upcoming lifetime?  It is at this time that you decided on the lessons you wanted  to learn in this lifetime to help you along your soul’s journey. Did you decide on these lessons or did your guides have some suggestions?  Did you create your lessons in response to unlearned lessons from your previous lifetime? Are you working off previous parent tapes and programming from other lives or off your own between life psychological and spiritual explorations and revelations?

When you choose parents to help you learn your lessons they may not be necessarily be the ones who will make you feel the most comfortable or make your childhood the happiest.   But you will choose them because they are good teachers for you even though you may complain about them later when you have forgotten you chose them.  We sometimes wonder why we choose traumatic difficult childhoods, especially while we are going through them. I believe it is not just to heal and resolve old karmic debt, forgive and extend love to those we have karmic contracts with. I also believe it is a personal test we set up for ourselves. Is this the lifetime we will learn to stand up for ourselves, to rise about the conflict ridden environment we grew up in? Or, will we follow the dysfunctional modeling, repeat the mistreatment we received, and pass on intergenerationally the same biases, misbehaviors, and false beliefs?

These questions are important: Why did you choose your mother? Have you known her in other lifetimes? Why did you choose your father? Have you known him in other lifetimes? Which one did you specifically want to come back to in this life? What about your siblings and developing those relationships? Are you going to be a boy or a girl and why? What is your vision quest in the upcoming life, to serve mankind, invent a cure for disease or the planet’s problems or to be an average person doing an everyday job so necessary to keep things running smoothly? Have you recently come from wealth or poverty and which do you choose to experience this time and why? Are you urgently striving to overcome addictions from the past or have you already conquered unconscious behaviors? Do you still carry a strong belief that suffering is good for the soul or have you moved beyond that paradigm? Do you hold the premise that you have been bad and deserve punishment, karmic balance, retribution, to suffer to make up for past behaviors or have you figured out that there are many ways to make recompense for past mistakes and get off the karmic wheel?

You also have something to say about your physical body-sheath, though you may be limited by how you treated your body in earlier lifetimes, and you may not. What are your physical strengths and vulnerabilities going to be?  How will they help you in your soul’s journey?  The choice of your body is important because your body is going to be your laboratory in which you learn to handle the energies of life. Nothing can take the place of this form of learning so observe carefully what you chose for your body and why. 

I view the integration of soul, mind, emotions, and body as a primary goal in the life of every person and understanding why you chose your psychological profile, body type, and spiritual path can expedite the process immensely.

During the actual prenatal experience you have made the choices and arrangements to leave the light in some sense since you are the light and you cannot dissociate from it. It is hard after you have gathered wisdom in other lifetimes to have to be limited again by the body of a baby. Not all souls feel this way. Some souls simple do not loose their deposit of faith nor their wisdom but carry it right into the new life. We call them old souls.

Are you reluctant to start over this time or do you look forward to the change to grow further? Is this a great adventure for you or the continuation of suffering?
Where are you while this new sheath for your soul is forming? Are you inside it aware of each cell as it presses forward to the completion of the human form? Or do you hover outside, waiting until the last minute to take possession, perhaps joining your body only in the moment of birth?

How does your mother feel when she finds out she is pregnant? Is she happy about you or is she frightened? Does she feel overwhelmed with all that is involved in having and raising a child? Did she know the moment she conceived you? Does she feel she will be in great danger or trouble because she conceived you?  These are very important issues as they will predispose your own attitudes and beliefs about your self and your life’s purpose, particularly if you are a girl.

How does you father react when he learns your mother is pregnant? Is he happy or dismayed, or perhaps overwhelmed with the thought of so much responsibility?  Will he stay with your mother or leave her now that you are coming? Is his love for mother genuine or is he too unevolved to be able to dedicate himself to true love and commitment to you and your mother? Is he pressuring mother to get rid of you or is he delighted with anticipation of your birth?  If you are a boy, you may either model his attitudes or reject them and excel in the opposite behavior pattern if they are negative and anti-life ones.

As you go through the stages of your growth in the uterus, do you feel bonded with your mother?  Are your parents’ happy together or do they fight all the time? What is the emotional climate in which you begin this sojourn? Remember that you have chosen this way in order to learn as much as possible.  If your mother is overwhelmed by her own pain and cannot spare any light for, you will have to find love and light by your own strength alone and perhaps that has something to do with the lesson you have chosen. Some souls actually are aware they come back to represent love and light to the families they have chosen because of the great love they have for these souls they have been with many times before.

Now the new body is complete. If you have not entered it before, of if you have only flitted in and out trying to figure it out, now you must embrace it and go through the experience of forgetting all the lifetimes back of lifetimes which have been strung like pearls on your soul’s necklace of experiences.  If you have decided to serve in the highest capacity the soul knows, you may decide to remember your oneness with All That Is while forgetting the incidentals of past life events.

Finally you are going to have only the here and now of your baby self unless you choose to retain wisdom in order to better serve others. You may have to win back all that you have previously experienced and learned but have forgotten, slowly thinning out the fog of your forgetting. This is the process of remembering we all go through on our journey toward enlightenment. An awakening again to who you were, what you are now, and all you knew and understood. It is a joyful adventure, this awakening to your divine essence, love.

You may have decided to make your birth an easy one or a difficult one for you and your mother, a long process or a short one. It can be very useful to uncover specific traumas in the stages of the birth process itself. These differ, as does everything else, from individual to individual. Breathing through this process assists in recovering the memories and experiences of the birth itself. Finally you are born. What does mother say?  How does she respond to you? Do you feel wanted and cherished?  Do you feel bonded with your mother? And your father is there, how does he feel about you?  Is it safe world?  Do mother and father feel it is a safe world?  How do the grandparents feel? These attitudes of your family will stay with you until you remove them.

What patterns have you brought with you from your experiences in the uterus and from the birth process that both reflect the nature of your previous soul path in other lifetimes, and set the pattern of what you will experience in this one? 

Spending time tracing these patterns and core issues in past lives, prenatal, birth, and current experiences can lead to a life richly enhanced, free of old issues, behaviors, prejudices, traumas, and programming.  Being free of old lessons is your ticket to the freedom to deliberately create your new experiences from intentionally chosen, clearly defined beliefs and goals.  Starting fresh from the present moment enhances your chance of fulfilling your mission quest this time so you do not have to redo it all in another lifetime if you don’t want to.
Soul Talk: Rescripting Karmic Contracts, 1999, Adele Tartaglia


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