Therapeutic Modalities Offered


Restructuring Therapy
Reformatting the Subconscious Mind Instantly
Cognitive Restructuring Protocols
Behavioral Restructuring Protocols
Emotional Restructuring Protocols
Physical Restructuring Protocols
Forgiveness & Releasement Protocols
Personality & Identity Protocols

Past & Current Life Regression Therapy
Deletion of Past Life Residues
Rescripting Karmic Contracts

Business and Success Coaching
Life Coaching
Coaching for Professionals

Self Empowerment Courses

Aligning the Multi-level Mind
Aligning the Subconscious Mind
with Conscious Mind Intentions

Life Alignment & Goal Setting

Psycho-Astrology Reports

The Art of Instant Manifestation

Naturopathic Protocols

Holotropic Breath Work

NLP Time Line Therapy

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