Business Success Coaching

How to Become A Successful Entrepreneur

Finding Your Niche, Actualizing Your Potential, Inventing a Better Mouse Trap!

Part I: Life Alignment and Goal Setting

Part II: From set up; organization, accounting, marketing, corporate entities, asset protection, banking, real estate, and human resources to millionaire business owner.

Part III: Locating and deleting beliefs blocking success and prosperity using three way cross referencing major life areas.

Companies/Business Experience

Multi-Million Dollar businesses:
National Premiums
Timeshare Marketing
Hawaiian Adventures

Books 2 Change Your Life
Avatar on the Lake
The Life Management Center
Alliance of Divine Love Chapel 573
Production Unlimited Advertising Agency
Park Avenue Jewelry [non-profit fundraiser]
Merchandise Liquidators [non-profit fundraiser]
Discount Vitamins & Supplements 

Realtor Million Dollar Club Realtor
Million Dollar Stock Brokerage Account Book
Certified Financial Planner

Marketing & Sales Promotion Mgr. McMillan Insurance Conglomerate
Marketing & Sale Promotion Mgr. Super Foods
Marketing & Sales Promotion Mgr. Affiliated Foods

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