Avatar Mini Courses

Mini-Course 1
The Avatar Personal Integrity Course
Includes all six steps of the Avatar Personal Integrity Course. This mini-course is a powerful awareness booster; try it for yourself.  Allow yourself to be truly honest about what you find. You can expect improved well-being, insights into attacks and disagreements, and a freeing of creative energy.
Mini-Course 2
The Avatar Basic Attention Management Course
This second in a series of mini-courses, by Harry Palmer, explores ways in which human attention, the most valuable of all commodities, can be preserved and even restored. The entire course can be repeated many times with a deeper unfolding occurring with each run through.
Mini-Course 3
The Avatar Basic Will Course
This third in a series of Avatar mini-courses explores the non-physical quality that makes choices and decisions, controls motion and attention, creates and perseveres—human will. This course is based on the Section I Avatar Materials, Resurfacing®, authored by Harry Palmer. The exercises are designed 1) to increase your understanding of the functioning of will, and 2) to increase your ability to function deliberately. The course may be repeated with a deeper unfolding expected with each run through.
It is recommended that new students complete the Avatar mini-courses 1: Personal Integrity And 2: Basic Attention Management before undertaking this Basic Will Course.
Mini-Course 4
The Avatar Creating Definition Course
This fourth in a series of Avatar mini-courses explores the definitions that exist between non-physical being and the stuff of this universe. This course is based on the books ReSurfacing® and Living Deliberately by Harry Palmer, and on an early Avatar lecture entitled, “Form and Formlessness.” The exercises in this course are designed to illustrate, in an experiential way, the nature of being, its creative abilities, and the nature of definitions.
The goal of this mini-course is to inspire humans to undertake the task of defining better living conditions for themselves and for all creatures.
For an increased clarity of these materials it is recommended that new students also complete the following Avatar mini-courses 1. Personal Integrity, 2. Basic Attention Management, And 3. The Basic Will Course. These are available from your local Avatar Master.
Mini-Course 5
The Forgiveness Option
Instincts don’t require you to make decisions. There is no weighing of consequences, no interests to consult, no regrets, and no mistakes. You don’t have to stop and scratch or figure anything out. There is no karmic consequence. You just react: stimulus and response, fight or flee, eat or be eaten, survive or pass away. You may find this sort of instinctive existence attractive —at least until it comes your turn to be eaten. In contrast, intelligent creatures have to make decisions and live with the consequence of those decisions. Intelligence means controlling emotions, or discovering the best option, or making choices based on potential consequences. Making decisions is the essence of personal responsibility; it can feel like freedom or weigh you down with guilt, sadness, or anger. One of the most rewarding decisions that an intelligent creature ever has to make is the decision to forgive.
This fifth in a series of Avatar mini-courses explores the consequences and the process of forgiveness.
Mini-Course 6
Belief Management
“What you observe AS affects what you perceive as true. What you operate AS affects what you can do. Inconsistencies in observation and abilities arise as a result of differences in AS…” Avatar Wizard Course lecture, 1991
Things that we say are true about one level of existence may not be true at another level of existence. Things that we view as true from one perspective may not be true from another perspective. Most disagreements and conflicts, particularly in religion, philosophy, and psychology, are due not so much to what is viewed as to a mismatch of viewing levels or perspectives.
Practices and procedures that transform lives at one level of existence may be unworkable or have no effect at another level of existence. Knowing the frame of reference of the observer is essential to evaluating the truth of an observation. Drunks sometimes do see pink rabbits! Since the belief management procedures of Avatar directly address the consciousness that uses them, they are self-adapting to the level of existence being experienced by the person.

Organizing what we determine existence to be into specific categories, or levels, can be easily done. We can define and categorize existence by the impact or certainty with which we perceive it, by the agreement or desire expressed by other points of view, or by the system or method by which it is perceived. We can talk about personal realities, sensory realities, or conceptual realities, about similarities and differences, but in the final analysis, whenever we talk about any level of existence, we will be talking about the result of our beliefs. Beliefs are the colored lenses that filter out from all-that-is what we wish to experience.
This sixth in a series of mini-courses, Belief Management, will explore the relationship between your beliefs and your experiences.
Mini-Course 7
The Avatar Basic Life Alignment Course
Guarantee success—align with your life’s purpose. Finding this alignment is what leads ordinary people to become great people.
This seventh in a series of mini-courses, Basic Life Alignment, explores the relationship between attention, motivation, and goal setting for the purpose of aligning with your life’s purpose.
The Avatar Mini Courses are closely aligned with the Life Management Mini Courses. 



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