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 Cell Tech manufactures the purest foundational basis nutritional products from the Upper Klamath Lake, long known as the food source for the planet.

Royal Body Care’s products containing Dr. Flanagan’s Nobel Prize Winning formula for Microclusters, deliver the most powerful food supplement available. Amazing results have been reported in a variety of symptomatology.  Microhydrin Silica Hydride is a unique product with higher antioxidant properties than anything on the market today. The success stories are across the board with Microhydrin for Anti-Aging potential in every body system.

Standard Process and Medi Herb .  Check out the site and let me know which products you want to purchase.  For first time users, if you need a protocol, let me know.

Royal Body Care of Dallas
Dr. Flanagan’s Nobel Prize Winning Microclusters

It is well documented that the principal cause of aging is cellular breakdown precipitated by free radical overload. This is brought on by many factors: poor nutrition, high stress, exposure to toxins in the air, food and water and an over exposure to antibiotics and other prescription drugs. All of these serve as a means to weaken our immune systems. As the aging process continues, the immune system eventually breaks down and we die. Silica Hydride, when combined with an additional, loosely wrapped, negatively charged ion, is the most powerful antioxidant available. It is a free radical neutralizer which has many 1000’s of times more antioxidant power than any form of vitamin, mineral or food supplement.

It is common knowledge that some of nature’s best sources of nutrition and free radical scavengers are fresh organic juices, either vegetable or fruit. You would have to drink HUNDREDS OF GALLONS of fresh organic vegetable or fruit juice to equal the antioxidant power of just one 250mg capsule of Silica Hydride.

You can’t find a more powerful group of antioxidants anywhere! These products were specially selected because of there ability to work together to improve overall health and well-being.

Microhydrin™ Silica Hydride
Amazing Super Food That Will Changes The Quality Of Your Life!


Microhydrin™ is a unique product with higher antioxidant properties than anything on the market today. Preliminary studies indicate that it is effective in reducing the acidity in our systems caused by poor diet, pollution and stress; thereby improving our overall health and energy levels.  This superfood is manufactured with a unique process that adds Flanagan Microclusters in a Nanocollodial Matrix.   250mg capsules

60 Tablet Bottle Retail: $46.95    DVS Price: $43.95  #MHSH

Diosin and Diosin 2 –DHEA

Regain the vitality of your youth! Diosin works to naturally balance the hormones that decline after the age of 25. By naturally boosting production of DHEA, your “mother hormone”, other hormones can again reach optimum levels. The decline in DHEA appears to be directly related to the onset of many age related diseases, loss of strength and decline in energy. Diosin contains an herbal blend including the natural energy boosters, Sida Cortifolia and Yerba Mate. Diosin-2 contains a different blend of herbs such as Gingko Biloba and Milk Thistle. The wonderful results that people get with Diosin and Diosin-2 have made it one of our top sellers since its introduction.

90 Count Bottle    Retail: $49.00   DVS Price: 39.00   #MHD

Crystal Energy™

Crystal Energy™ works to detoxify the system by flushing toxins out of the cells and increasing their hydration. By decreasing the surface tension of the liquids in our food and drink, it also helps to increase nutrient absorption. Make the most of your water with Flanagan Microclusters.

2 oz. Bottle  Retail: $27.95   DVS Price: $24.95  #CE2
4 oz. Bottle  Retail: $51.95   DVS Price: $48.00  #CE4 

Pycnogenol Plus

Pycnogenol, an extract from grape sees or pine bark, is a powerful antioxidant bioflavonoid.  Works synergistically with other antioxidants; keeps skin smooth and elastic. Microclusters enhance absorption, assimilations, and utilization of Pycnogenol.

90 Tablet Bottle Retail: $50.00   DVS Price: $47.95  #PP

Slim Pak
The Latest In Weight Control Technology

Meet your daily nutritional requirements with 15 herbs to assist in healthy weight loss. Rich in Spirulina, niacin, B Vitamins, tienchi ginseng, papaya enzyme and bee pollen. A great high potency nutritional supplement.

30 Packets  Retail: $40.00  DVS Price: $37.95  #SP


The Chinese stimulant of both mental and physical energy.  Blood pressure problems, fatigue, insomnia, indigestion, arthritis, impotence, hypoglycemia, circulation, and anemia often react positively to Ginseng.  An endocrine-gland stimulant, ginseng helps assimilate vitamins and minerals.

90 Tablet Bottle Retail: $14.00   DVS Price: $12.50  #GN

Melatonin Plus

Melatonin controls body functions which occur on a time cycle – when you sleep and wake up and monthly menstrual cycles in women.  Boosting the level of the body’s natural melatonin may improve sleep.  Recent research also indicates that it also plays a role in keeping us young and healthy. Melatonin, Pineal gland, citrus bioflavoids, Aloemannan, ginko biloba, yarrow, echinacea, schisandra, and rose hips.

90 Tablet Bottle Retail: $22.00   DVS Price: $19.95  #MP

Spirulina Microclusters™
The Miracle Food

Spirulina Microclusters™ is added because it is one of nature’s most perfect super foods. The wide range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants in this food provide powerful nutrition to your body.  Spirulina is well known for high energy production.

120 Tablet Bottle Retail: $35.95   DVS Price: $32.95  #SM

Phycotene Microclusters™

Phycotene Microclusters™ make this pack complete with an antioxidant complex that even astounded researchers at Harvard University. This complex of 17 carotenoids has been proven to be a more effective as an antioxidant than beta carotene alone.

30 Tablet Bottle Retail: $32.95    DVS Price: $29.95  #PM30
90 Tablet Bottle Retail: $90.00     DVS Price: $85.00  #PM90

MSM With Microhydrin
Skin, Cell, And Joint Repair

The body must have an abundant supply of of useable sulfur to build healthy new cells. This mineral is in every cell of the body. Sulfur is essential to the reduction of painful joint inflammation. MSM  (methyl sulfanyl methane) is natural, organic form of sulfur that can be easily absorbed and utilized by the body.  Sulfur is necessary for making collagen, the primary constituent of cartilage and connective tissue.  Sulfur produces softer smoother skin. New skin is also more permeable allowing elimination of toxins and relieving the liver and kidneys’ work load.  MSM, vitamin C, Microhydrin, (silica, magnesium, potassium carbonate), magnesium sterate and gelatin.

120 Capsule Bottle  Retail:  $39.00  DVS Price:  $35.00  #MSM

 Cell Tech Supplements

Super Blue Green®  Algae

Super Blue Green® Algae is unique in all the world! Algae is the fundamental basis of the entire food chain—the foundational nutrient source for creating and renewing all life on earth.  And Super Blue Green Algae (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) from Upper Klamath Lake in Southern Oregon is the crème de la crème of all algae, one of the planet’s most powerful supplements. *Check for larger quantity discounts.

ALPHA SUN  Energy For Your Entire Body

Alpha Sun is whole, complete Algae. Because its cell walls contain a high percentage of floridian starch, it provides natural complex carbohydrates critical for health and vitality of tissues and cells.  Alpha Sun also contains a vast array of easily assimilated vital trace minerals.  One of the world’s most powerful sources of energy.

#203  60  Capsules  DVS Price: $14.50   #ASC60  
#201  120  Capsules  DVS Price: $25.00   #ASC120
#204  240  Capsules  DVS Price: $47.00   #ASC240
#207  120  Tablets  DVS Price: $25.00   #AST120

Omega Sun®  Energy for Your Mind

Omega Sun is the heart of the Algae with the cell wall carefully removed through our special separation process. This super-concentrated food contains a higher overall amino acid content than Alpha Sun®. That makes Omega Sun an abundant source of raw materials for building the neuropeptides which feed and enhance brain activity. Together Alpha and Omega work for you as an unmatched “balance and harmony” team, providing the foundational nourishment your body needs to function.

#102  60  VegiCaps   DVS Price: $20.50   #OSC60
#101  120  VegiCaps   DVS Price: $38.00   #OSC120
#105   240 VegiCaps  DVS Price: $72.00   #OSC240
#107  120  Tablets   DVS Price: $37.00   #OST120
#108   240  Tablets  DVS Price: $70.00   #OST240
#109   480   Tablets  DVS Price: $131.00   #OST480

BG Bites The Ultimate Energy Snack

BG Bites are tasty, quick snacks. These scrumptious, chewy morsels contain all-natural ingredients including: unsulfured raisins, unsulfured dates, organic malt syrup (made from corn, brown rice and barley), rolled oats, brown rice, natural flavors and 500mg of Super Blue Green® Alpha Sun®. Raspberry-flavored BG Bites are a wonderful way to provide your children with Super Blue Green nutrition. They are perfect for school, work or anytime you need a nutritious snack.  24 count

#802  Raspberry DVS Price: $25.00   #BBR
#803 Sesame  Your choice of flavor  #BBS
#804 Toasted Almond  #BBTA

Alpha Gold

Promoting Physical Well Being
Cell Tech’s Alpha Gold contains a careful selection of ingredients, each with documented health benefits, that work synergistically with Super Blue Green® Alpha Sun® to even further facilitate overall good health. Vitamin-rich bee pollen may help enhance stamina and vitality. Noni (Indian mulberry) may help support proper natural defense system function.* Turmeric contains curcumin, which may help protect against environmental contaminants. Gluten-free sprouted wheat grass juice contributes essential nutrients and chlorophyll. The catechin-rich green tea powder, considered decaffeinated, provides immune system support.*

#225  120 VegiCaps  DVS Price: $45.00    #AGC120

Omega Gold

Enhancing Mental Well Being
Omega Gold contains a careful selection of ingredients with documented health benefits. Hundreds of scientific studies have shown the benefits of Ginkgo biloba in helping to nutritionally support memory, mental clarity and proper circulation throughout the entire vascular system.* Siberian ginseng (the only ginseng recommended for both men and women) is added to enhance mental and physical performance.* The contributions of Super Blue Green® Omega Sun® complete this all-natural foundation for mental well-being.

#125  120 VegiCaps DVS Price: $49.95   #OGC120

Super Blue Green® Enzymes

Helping You Unlock Nutrients from Your Food
Your body does not benefit until nutrients are unlocked and absorbed from the foods you eat. Unfortunately, today’s highly processed foods have destroyed many of the enzymes your body depends on for effective digestion. That’s why it is so important to provide your body with vital enzymes. Natural miracles of miniature engineering, enzymes are critical to the proper functioning of everything from breathing to thinking to circulating your blood.

Cell Tech’s Super Blue Green® Enzymes contain a full range of food enzymes to help you break down all types of foods, including fats, carbohydrates, protein and fiber, to help enhance the digestive process.*  utilizing a Broader Spectrum of Nutrients.

E-12 Super Enzymes contain a full range of enzymes with a high activity level: Lipase to break down fat; Protease to break down protein; Cellulase to help break down cellulose; Amylase to break down starch; and Phytase to break down the enzyme inhibitor phytin. Working with the special ingredients fennel, ginger and cayenne, all known for their beneficial effects on the digestive system, E-12 Super Enzymes allow the body to digest and utilize a broader spectrum of nutrients.*

#502  180 Capsules  DVS Price: $39.00   #EN180

Super CoQ10

Softgels Energize Every Cell in Your Body
Super Q10 contains a special component called Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and Super Blue Green® Alpha Sun®. Hundreds of clinical studies conducted worldwide have shown CoQ10 is essential for energy production, helps strengthen the entire body at the cellular level to help support cardiovascular health, and nourishes the body’s natural defense system.* Cell Tech’s cutting-edge Super Q10 is emulsified in organic, cold-pressed flaxseed oil, which makes it more easily absorbed by the body. It is the ideal supplement to assist the miracle of your cells in converting nutrients into energy.

#506   60 Softgels  DVS Price: $37.00   #CQ60


Capsules Helping to Keep Harmful Bacteria Out
Acidophilus (Lactobacillus acidophilus) is essential in the absorption and assimilation of nutrients from our food. It is the patented, single-strain beneficial bacteria called DDS-1™ Acidophilus which helps keep harmful bacteria out by colonizing the walls of the small intestine and by secreting substances which inhibit the growth of unfriendly bacteria. Each capsule is carefully microblended with 85mg of Super Blue Green® Omega Sun®.

#701  100 Capsules  DVS Price: $27.50   #AD100


A Healthy Intestinal Environment
Bifidus (Bifidobacterium bifidum) is friendly bacteria for the large intestine that is critical to help with the absorption of water from food and helping pass the remaining waste out of the body. A good intestinal flora in the large intestine can help inhibit gas and bloating.* Cell Tech’s Bifidus helps repopulate the large intestine with friendly bacteria, supporting the healthful environment it needs to function efficiently. Each capsule is carefully microblended with 85mg of Super Blue Green® Omega Sun®.

#720  100 Capsules  DVS Price: $27.50   #BF100

Super Sun Smoothie

Super Fast and Delicious
Super Sun Smoothie is perfect with breakfast or as a fast pick-me-up. It is a favorite for adults and children alike. It mixes with beverages or fresh fruit to make a refreshing and incredibly nutritious shake Our Smoothie is an excellent source of all vegetable protein, derived from soy, Soy has well-publicized benefits and is gaining a high profile in the nutritional supplement industry. Super Sun Smoothie also provides isoflavones for the promotion of women’s health. Cell Tech’s Smoothie is made with premium ingredients, it’s dairy free, and contains no preservatives, yeast, artificial flavors or colors, and provides the benefits of 500 mg each of Super Blue Green [registration mark] Alpha Sun [registration] and Omega Sun blended into every scoop. Add vanilla Super Sun Smoothie mix as a delicious complement to cooking, baking, and breakfast cereals.   300 g.

#401   Vanilla   DVS Price: $22.00   #SSV
#402   Banana Cream  Your choice of flavor   #SSB
#403   Strawberry   #SSS


*Vitamin and Supplement Supply varies with user.
 Supplements are not represented to treat, cure or prevent any disease.









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