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Just Do It Because You Are Unique

And No One Can Do It Like You Can!

An Ask the Therapist Blog Post

If you keep telling yourself the reason you don’t follow your bliss and do what you came here to do, that which chooses you as much as you choose it, is because someone else has already done it and better than you can anyway, that just doesn’t hold up as a valid reason to deny yourself and the world of your special gifts.

You are an original, one of a kind. There is no one else like you. No one that can produce the same product, come up with the same invention, discover the same cure, write the same book, think of the same idea, start the same company, or create the same therapeutic modality as you can.

You are different than others even if you are doing the same thing they are doing or have already done.

This is because you are a unique creation with a different conglomeration of influences.

You have a different way of thinking, different programming, different conditioning, different thought processes, different experiential background, different sensitivities, different perspective, different filters on reality, different interpretations of events, different attitudes, different biases, different ways of doing things, different decisions making processes, different emotional responses and a different emotional memory bank.

Someone may say your work is just like someone else’s but the truth is….it is not the same as theirs for all the reasons just enumerated.

So have faith in yourself and in divine right order and reclaim your purpose, what you came here to do, and do it now because no one can do it, whatever it is, as well as you with your own unique and distinctive insights and passion.

And if you don’t believe this, please feel free to ‘Erase and Replace” any belief blocking you from following your life passion chosen before you came in.


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