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Law of Attraction & Restructuring Therapy

The Law of Attraction & Restructuring Therapy 
Developed by Adele Tartaglia, BAEd, CPRT, CHt, NLP 1999
Excerpted from the books of Adele Tartaglia

Theta Healing in Consciousness (c)
Reformat Your Subconscious Mind Instantly!
Erase and Replace….Beliefs, Behaviors, Traits, Emotions, Expectations, Memories, Traumas,
Coping Mechanisms & Identities that are sabotaging your life.

Part One

Making Your Mind Work for You… Instead of Against You (c) using the Law of Attraction in a positive way, instead of a negative way, is the easiest, most immediate and permanent way to achieve long term change in your life.

Everyone can be happy, loved, peaceful, successful, and purposeful.

A new modality, Restructuring Therapy, I developed to use in my practice many years ago contains mental, emotional, identity, and behavioral modification tools that instantly reformat the subconscious mind by aligning it with conscious mind goals. At this time, it is offered exclusively through my Integrative Medical practice, The Life Management Center, which makes the protocols available onsite and worldwide via Skype and Phone sessions. Therapist training and MYMWY Workshops will be available concurrent with the Make Your Mind Work for You…Instead of Against You (c) book and workbook coming out this year.

The basic premise that has been known, written about, and practiced by man for centuries, is that your own mind is creating everything you experience as your reality.

Quantum Mechanics states that the mind of the observer is responsible for outcomes of physical phenomena we observe as real time life events.

Everything in the universe is made of energy, according to Einstein and quantum physicists, and different energies vibrate with different frequencies. The universal Law of Attraction is a confirmation of the quantum principle ‘like attracts like.’ Since thought forms are multi-dimensional energy forms, they contain the power to attract to you, or resonate into your energy field, whatever you focus on frequently. Philosophical and religious organizations labeled it my many names such as the Law of Mind Action; the mind of man creates after itself…in like kind.

Man as an energy field in the Field of all Possibilities or probabilities, the aware awaiting Universe, draws to itself matching vibrational realities not oppositional events.

God is not the Universe which is devoid of mercy or compassion being a physical phenomenon. The Creator may well see you having difficulty and have compassion and send you relief in the form of healing, prosperity, and resolutions to problems that appear as miracles. That is not what we are addressing here.

We are discussing a quantum reality about the mind of man as a receiver and a broadcaster that is capable of materializing three dimensional events. The Universe is a field interacting and interfacing with your subconscious mind and the frequencies being broadcast from it twenty-four seven. Unlike a beneficent God, the Universe, being an electromagnetic Field of probability, sends back to you more of what your energy field is putting out, not what you desire or need, but what you already have.

The subconscious mind, or unconscious, which is creating every aspect of your life, contains a collection of processes and conditioning usually not available to the conscious mind so you are unaware of your own beliefs which are the underlying causality of everything you experience including your perceptual reality, your physical reality, your psyche, and your relationships.
Such mental concepts as your frames of reference, precepts, belief systems, memories, traumas, childhood imprints, adaptations, conclusions, conceptualizations, biases, and mental constructs are held in the unconscious. When stimulated, they trigger automatic reactions to life situations.

Often these reactions are antithetical to what you are trying to achieve in life. They block your goal fulfillment in areas such as mental stability, love, happiness, success, health, and prosperity.

The subconscious mind being the largest part of your mind is a million times more powerful in its ability to create and attract things than the conscious mind. We all know we consciously intend and want only good things to take place in our lives, but they don’t. That is because the conscious mind is not the part of consciousness that interacts with the Law of Attraction so you can do affirmations and denials continually and the chance of changing the outcomes you experience are random and slight.

Contrarily, by changing the content of your unconscious mind, you see an immediately shift in outcomes since it is the unconscious that is outpicturing as your life. This hidden content or psychological programming, that is seventy-five percent negative, has to be deleted and restructured in order to create a different outcome in your life by creating a different consciousness within you. 

Deletion of blocks and self sabotaging conditioning is most effectively and most easily achieved through the use of Restructuring Therapy wherein blocks to health, love, happiness, peace, and success are erased and replaced with their opposite polarities using Cognitive, Emotional, Physical, Addiction, Behavioral, and Identity Protocols.

Removing programs and core beliefs that work against the accomplishment of the life of your dreams, and installing programs and beliefs using restructuring that contribute to your goals, automatically attracts goal fulfillment or opportunities to you. By learning the Art of Instant Manifestation, Conscious Languaging, Theta Healing, and Multi-leveled Mind Alignment, your life changes immediately. This is the work of Restructuring Therapy.

Letting the subconscious mind do the work of reformatting and aligning your multi-leveled consciousness makes transformation take place in the moment during the Restructuring session. The unique protocols are profoundly simple yet exacting procedures that effect the necessary reprogramming to give you relief from a lifetime of suffering, anxiety, trauma, fear, unworthiness, victimhood, and failure.

Part Two of this article explains more about how the processes work and the environment of the Healing in Consciousness (c) session. Restructuring   processes produce instant change and reprogramming and you leave a different person than when you began which makes it highly effective treatment for Depression, Anxiety, Addictions, Abuse, PTSD, Pain, and Illness.

Excerpted from Transform Your Life Instantly: Erase & Replace Beliefs & Emotions …Make the Law of Attraction Work for You Instead of Against You(c) 2005; & Make Your Mind Work for You Instead of Against You (c) 2011 Adele Tartaglia. 

Adele Tartaglia, BAEd, CPRT, CHt, NLPTLT, Developer Restructuring Therapy,  
Bd. Cert. Past Life Regression Therapist & Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Author, Self Empowerment Facilitator, Radio Show Host, International Speaker., 480/706-8137

At the Life Management Center, the highest integrity, respect, confidentiality, and safety are always maintained. Through empathetic entrainment with the mind and heart of the client, I allow all my intuitive faculties to flow in behalf of the attainment of a gentler, more joyous quality of life for my clients. My commitment is total.



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