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MBBR Medical Hypnotherapy

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& REPLACE Beliefs, Programs, Conditioning,
Behaviors, Emotions, Memories,
Traumas, & Fears SABOTAGING Your Life. (c)

Adele Tartaglia, MBBR, Psychology Today Therapist,
CPRT, EHT, Memorial Herman Addiction Center Referral Therapist

Set Up Your Phone Session:

1. Text me at 480/220-2089 or email me at asking for an appointment time and the issue you want to resolve.  I will text you a reminder of the date and time we decide on.

Choose a time when you are alone in your home and pets and other concerns are taken care of leaving you free for two hours so you have time to rest and integrate after the session for a while.

2.  Email me a brief description of what you need help with and tell me
if it was a family pattern, [Mom didn’t trust anyone either]
—names or labels assigned you [such as she’s “the dumb one”]
—and very important…tell me the constant thoughts that are driving you crazy [I’m not as good as other people. etc.]
—any traumas in the past that imprinted your current issue into your subconscious mind
[abuse by the opposite sex will cause you to distrust that sex until you delete the program. It gets projected unconsciously onto everyone of that sex even if they are a decent person.]

I will Custom Design your Protocol based on your information about your issue.

3.  Pay for your session at this special $165.00 rate at Paypal using or click on the Donations & Payments button on the Home Page.

4.  Go to this link and get The Zapper MP3 by Dick Sutphen to play in the background during your session. I have arranged a discount for you with the link below. I suggest you listen to it before going to sleep at night for a few nights since the subconscious rewires our brain during our sleep.

Please copy and paste this in your address bar if necessary.

This is the perfect music to help you create anything you want to take place in your life because the subconscious integrates the last thing you say or hear ten thousand times during your sleep. Listening to the theta brainwaves opens the door to reprogramming your unconscious mind so all you have to do is make your statement of what you want to manifest. This works best if you have ‘erased and replaced’ the opposite  program from what you are trying to create, first. The more negative programs you have ‘erased and replaced’ the faster your subconscious is rewired.

You will be needing this Zapper MP3 in every session you decide to do. Other things come up to be deleted and people have such great success they come back for other issues or blocks they want to erase and replace. Read the Testimonials on the top Menu on

5.  Please use a speakerphone or cell phone on speaker or with ear buds so you can hear everything I’m saying during the session and we will not have to worry about my missing your comments or your missing your reprogramming. Your voice will lower during hypnotherapy so this is important so I can hear any insights you have and add them to the Reprogramming session to be erased and replaced.

6.  On the day of the session, begin playing your Zapper MP3 at least ten minutes before we begin. If you can lie down it will be easier for you to slip into Theta so we can talk to your subconscious mind and you will remain comfortable which is very important.

7.  We will begin the session with a brief introduction to How Your Mind Works and how MBBR will alleviate your issues. We won’t talk much since I want you relaxed in the Theta state not the fully alert Beta state when we begin the session.

8.  I will give you directions for the session and we’ll get started.

9.   If you feel you need more counseling before we do the MBBR Hypnotherapy session, feel free to let me know and we will set up a counseling appointment.




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