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Unworthiness Affects Every Area of Life

“Making Your Mind Work For You…Instead of Against You”
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October 11, 2011   7PM

Tonight’s Topic:
How Unworthiness Affects Every Area of Life

A Transform Your Life Instantly Workshop

With Adele Tartaglia, Therapist, Coach, Self Empowerment Facilitator

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$10 per person
Adele Tartaglia 
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You are the creator of your life, not genetically pre-determined to repeat your parent’s lives and attitudes.

Adele lectures worldwide and her mission is to assist in the recovery of the Authentic Self, and actualize the love that is your divine essence. She has developed a new therapeutic model, Restructuring Therapy, that “Makes Your Mind Work for You Instead of Against You.” Unique Restructuring Protocols delete and reformat the content of the subconscious and conscious minds instantly.

Please join Adele for this ongoing Tuesday evening class and be sure to bring your journal for questions and answers and exercises.

The Pervasiveness of Unworthiness

In order to stop the automatic creations of an unworthiness identity, you have to erase and replace that identity and the beliefs supporting it and holding it in place.

Otherwise your subconscious mind holds itself vibrationally incompatible with what you want, and who you actually are… unspeakably worthy, infinitely wise, unlimited creator, made in the image.

And it is the unconscious part of your mind that interfaces with the universe in the Law of Attraction. It is this part of consciousness that sources 99% of your creating energy and seventy-five percent of it is negative programs that are not even your own.

If you want prosperity across the breath of your life, a nurturing relationship, good health, peace, and harmony, but you have a subliminal program constantly sabotaging those goals by telling you, you don’t deserve any of those things, that program will block them until you delete it.

In order to create deliberately, get out of reactive mode, and stay in the moment, you must align your subconscious programming with your conscious mind intentions. Restructuring your dual mind is easy and immediate with Restructuring transformational tools.

When you feel unworthy you attract shortage in every area of your life and this causes you to create a reality different from what a worthy person would create.

You are already a totally worthy being and your higher self, source within, knows it and knows only abundance and prosperity. 

You are just not aligned with source self because you are filled with negative emotions keeping you out of alignment. When you focus on your lack and what you don’t have that you want, you keep affirming the same story about yourself instead of adopting a new story for your life as the creator of it.

Abraham and Avatar’s talk about that the two different points of view –one from alignment with source… and one not in alignment with source that is you.

It’s all about emotion. The goal is to feel better. I realize action is nothing compared to alignment.

My negative emotions are my reminder to re-align with my source self….to close the gap in vibrational alignment between my human consciousness and my source being consciousness.

Negative emotions are indicators that I need to change my thinking which will change my feelings …..they are not bad or to be resisted.

I never have to figure out why I feel like I do, what’s gone wrong, or what to do.

I just have to re-align my vibrations and lean downstream in the flow of divine right order.

Excerpted from Transform Your Life Instantly: Mental & Emotional Erasers Make the Law of Attraction Work for You Instead of Against You(c) 2005. Adele Tartaglia and the Abraham materials.  


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